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EwingFive Stud-Poker Tournament

The EwingFive stud-poker tournament is not what you think, or maybe it is.  Perhaps I should explain and offer a couple pictures. 
First the context.  We had another beautiful Sydney weekend.  The temperature range went from a low of about 10 to a high of about 22 (that’s a range of about 50 to 70 degrees for those of you on the much less efficient Fahrenheit scale).  Match those crisp temperatures with dry crystal-clear blue skies and you have an idea what winter is like in Sydney.  To be fair, even though it is still technically winter here, spring is definitely in the air.
Each new weekend gives us the chance to get to know our surroundings a bit more, and even explore new places and new restaurants.  On Saturday, after a day of fun activities with the boys, we met another American family at a restaurant called Montezuma’s.  I question the wisdom of this restaurant’s name given “the revenge” named after this Aztec ruler.  But they offered serviceable Mexican food, which is a very rare thing indeed in Sydney. With the exception of the margarita’s, which were a miss, all eleven of us enjoyed our Mexican fiesta, and I’m sure we’ll be back.  We’ll be sure to skip the revenge part.       
With Spring in the air, all five of us are enjoying the chance to spend as much time as possible outdoors.  We’ve been to the beach quite a bit, and even though we usually get an odd look or two because we’re the only people in shorts, we keep going back.  We went on a bushwalk Sunday that took us down to Grotto Point Lighthouse.  This interesting hike took us past ancient aboriginal carvings and offered incredible views of the full expanse of Sydney Harbour.  We were able to see from North-head protecting Manly’s esplanade all the way to South-head and much of Middle Harbour too.  We were able to walk right up to the edge of the cliffs with no barriers between us and a 50-80 meter drop to the rocks below.  That’ll make a parent’s blood pressure jump.  But we got there and back safely, enjoyed the view and got some great pictures along the way. 
So when we arrived home after an afternoon in the bush, and a wonderful dinner, all five of us settled down to play a game; only one problem, all our toys and games are still on a container ship somewhere on the Pacific ocean between the US and Australia.  So we had to make due with a deck of cards and some lego studs as poker chips – which should explain the name of our stud-poker tournament – we play for studs.  The tournament started out simply enough, Max is a pretty conservative player, he only bets when he has the cards.  Alex on the other hand is the master of the all-in move even when he doesn’t have the cards.  In many of our games Alex’s approach serves him well, but not on this night where he lost his stack pretty early. 
So the final hand of our tournament comes down to Dad and Jake teamed up against Mom and Max.  The cards are dealt, bets are placed and when the flop falls on the table I said, “and Bob’s your uncle.”
The boys all looked at me funny and said, “we know Bob’s our uncle, duh, he’s your brother.  What does that have to do with poker?”
My response, “No, Bob’s your uncle… it’s an Australian expression.  It means something like, ‘and there you have it,’ or ‘it’s that simple,’ or ‘we’re good.’” 
With some absent head-nodding my explanation of the expression Bob’s your uncle quickly ground to an unsuccessful halt.  Wendy and Max won the hand and the tournament and took all the lego studs as well as the bragging rights.  Next stop, the World Series of poker.
Until next time – cuddles. 
Lego studs serve as poker chips
Lego studs serve as poker chips
Four of the Ewing five prepare for the tournament
Four of the EwingFive prepare for the tournament

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