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It just sort of crept up on us, and we were definitely not ready for it, but it is suddenly COLD in Australia.  It always messes with my mind a bit to think that the northern hemisphere is headed into the heat, while we're starting think about going skiing (no joke, they got a nice dumping of snow in Australia's snowy mountains last week while Alex was nearby in Canberra).  Typically I really like this time of year, but either I'm getting old, I'm unprepared for the cold to set in, or both (easy people).
Don't get me wrong, it's not like Minnesota cold, but the difference is that you expect cold in Minnesota, and people are prepared for it with things like heating systems in their houses, and extension cords that dangle out of the car's radiator.  Sydney is not prepared.  In our house, we have two fireplaces and a heating system that is supposed to keep the place warm.  They just don't work -- which might just be because our house is full of giant holes and has not one single piece of insulation.
To be fair, the difference between cold in Sydney and cold in Minnesota is probably an order of magnitude, which was illustrated to me just the other day....Here in Sydney, Wendy asked me to start the car and let it run to warm up for a while before we left.  When we lived in Minnesota umpteen years ago, Wendy asked me to plug the car in to make sure it'd start.
At least it's been dry and beautiful here -- hope you're not too water-logged where you are.         

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