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Where Sydney beats Boston #1…
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Where Sydney beats Boston #1…

DISCLOSURE: This entry is the opinion of its author and doesn’t represent the views of management
One word bugs… I may be crazy, and it’s going to take a bit of explaining, but hopefully it’ll make sense in a minute or two so bear with me.  The bug situation in Sydney is much more livable than Boston.
Most often when talk turns to bugs here in Australia we’re reminded that the world’s deadliest spiders live here.  In fact the Sydney Funnel-web is considered by many to be the deadliest spider in the world and it’s found only in about a 50 mile radius of where I’m sitting right now.  We’ve also got red-backs which are really quite plentiful around here and they’ll kill you pretty fast too.  We killed a white-tip spider in the house a couple weeks back, and they usually won’t kill you, but if you’re bit you might wish you were dead.  Something like 13 of the worlds 15 most deadliest spiders live in Australia… great, sign me up. 
But here’s the upside.  All those killer spiders apparently need to eat, because there aren’t that many flies here and almost zero mosquitoes.  In New Zealand in some of the most beautiful areas of the country you’ll find the sand-fly, which are a complete pain in the you-know-what.  I’m sure the Kiwis around Milford Sound would take some deadly spiders in exchange for the sand-flies.  There are parts of the US, where mosquitoes have been known to carry away small children if they haven’t been bathed in deet.   Maybe the world needs more killer spiders.
We recently proved my circle of bug life theory when moved into a temporary apartment that was spider haven to say the least.  Wendy – being a trained spider-fighter – killed a bunch of the spiders in the apartment, and now there is a group of mosquitoes that are keeping me awake.  They buzz around my head just long enough to make me reflexively pound my own ears and wake myself up.  In the morning, I may be dizzy from pounding myself, but I’m not covered in mosquito bites, so at least I’m dealing with a set of mosquitoes that just like the buzzing part of the job. 
So I see this proof as the exception that proves the rule, this is where you’ll have to bear with me.  See the way I figure it, if Mosquitoes or biting flies or any other nuisance insect like that were a real problem in Sydney houses would have screens on the windows.  They don’t – full stop.  From the budget conscious to the high-end, there are very few houses in Sydney with screens, and most people leave the windows open all day and night without trouble.  It’s a nice way to live, with all the fresh air, breezes off the water and all that.  And I think we have the spiders to thank for that. 
So far in the Sydney versus Boston comparison we have Sydney on top 1-nil.

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