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July 2011

One Year and Counting

One year ago today the boys fell asleep at new student orientation.  We’d flown into Sydney that morning from pretty much the furthest destination possible and in addition to being culture shocked, they were just plain worn out.  I thought for sure it was a bad omen of things to come that when Dr. Lennox was speaking (he’s headmaster at Redlands) and the eyes of our jet-lagged boys fluttered shut.    
“Oh boy,” I thought, “this is not a good first impression.”  Well regardless of the quality of that first impression, the boys have all thrived in their first year in Sydney.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of what they’ve done.  They are all leaders in their classes; they are true and loyal friends to boys and girls around the globe; they are super smart, get good grades and have the respect of their peers, teachers and parents; and, even though they fight like animals, they love and defend each other like brothers.
A lot has happened in the last year, but I’m most proud of my boys and the young men that they are becoming.
What else has happened… well let’s see... 
  • We’ve learned that Kookaburras hate me.  
  • We know that houses in Sydney have no insulation and poor heating, which makes 10 degrees Celsius seem very cold and 40 feel very hot.
  • Research has demonstrated that it rains more in Sydney than Seattle.
  • My rants prove that I love to complain and even though we live in a remarkable, beautiful city filled with culture and great people that I’ll find something that just ain’t right to write about.
  • Our family has collectively flown over 365,000 miles in the past 12 months… ughhh, I’m jet-lagged just thinking about it.
Truth is we’ve been incredibly blessed with adventure, wonder and togetherness as a family over the past year and have more ahead of us in the next.  I feel really lucky.
But, having just returned from the US I can tell you one thing I know to be true… all those miles must have calories.  Every time we go on one of these long trips I seem to put on 10 pounds.  
And another thing, having just spent time with treasured friends and family, we truly must be the luckiest little band of travelers in the world.   
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