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Where Boston beats Sydney #1 -- Musical Theater
Where Sydney beats Boston #1…
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May 2012

Where Boston beats Sydney #1 -- Musical Theater

Greetings and welcome back to to the blog. 
It's been a bit quiet on this page for the past couple months as the world stopped spinning, and then started spinning even faster the other way.  But since we're back from Australia and up to no good in Boston, I thought it was time to brush off the old typewriter and hack out a bit of an update.  Now, this is not the epic update that will bring you completely up to speed yet (that'll still have to wait as there are only so many hours in the day).  But this little update will hit on a favorite topic which is comparing Boston and Sydney....
While we were in Sydney we were lucky enough to see a couple top productions.  All of them were good... none of them were great.  We saw Wicked (hard not to get sucked into that hypnotic score), we saw the opera Madame Butterfly at the Sydney Opera House (I'm still trying to get my head around an opera about an American serviceman falling in love during WWII with a Japanese teenager all sung in Italian by a middle-aged Australian woman... so not too great).  We saw Jersey Boys which was downright bad (hard to get over the Australian accent trying to pull off New Jersey).  We saw a stadium show of giant dinosaurs (not as bad as it sounds, but definitely out-there).  And we saw Jason Mraz at the Opera House concert hall -- which was INCREDIBLE.  But of course he's American.  In all, our experience with Australian performing arts was okay, certainly not great, probably the baseball equivalent of triple-A.
Since we've been back in the states we've been to see the new production of Les Miserables (which was outstanding), we saw Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters put on a two hour show about science that was funny, original and worth every penny (thanks for the tickets Grandma).  And we saw our good friend Steve perform as Tevya in Fiddler on the Roof (believe me he could hold his own on pretty much any Australian stage and I guarantee he would have killed in Sydney's version of Jersey boys).  
The three months we've been back have produced a pretty small sample of theater experiences, and we're only talking about Boston here (far from New York), but I can say without exception that productions in the US exceed the level you can expect in Sydney.
That's all for now... a little appetizer while the blog comes back up to full speed.     
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